CDL is an engineering company it basement with Detva, Slovakia. Its beginnings in the field of development and production are directed to 1994. In 2000, the transformation to CDL, spol. s.r.o. took place.

Own tool production, wide range of technologies, long-standing experience, creative approach in development and team of specialists provide customers with quality and highly-developed products. The company is constantly enlarging its technological portfolio in order to bring absolute comfort to customers in development and production of products according to their specific requirements.

It is focused on production of plastic products manufactured by injection molding, offers services of its tool room and machining centers, including 5-axis, EDM, vacuum plating, vacuum forming, electrotechnology and assembling.


We offer production consultation with our creative team from development and production departments to our customers.
Together we will create a product according your need!



5-xis machining represents a modern method of production of the highest quality products.

Machining of complex shapes for a single clamp though 5-axis machining is more efficient and way more productive than conventional machining of a workpiece for multiple clamp. Production cycle is shorter, costs are lower, perfect accuracy maintained, even for complex parts.


CNC machining represents an efficient and precise form of production of workpieces to the required shape. Compared to conventional production methods, it offers many improvements, for instance design flexibility, change variability (e.g., dimensions, shapes of workpieces), high dimensional accuracy and higher surface quality.


There are no technological limits for wire cutting – management of super hard materials, production of complex parts with demanding shapes without constant investments in expensive tools, removing of constant repairs caused by deformations during hardening of already finished parts.

Wire cutting allow machining of hardened steel with precision in micrometers, as well as cutting of diamond, carbide or titanium. Shape demanding workpieces produced for a single clamping. Any change in the project possible, which does not require complicated technological process and additional costs for expensive tools.


Electroerosive excavation technologies enable realization of spatial machining in 3D, regardless to the hardness of machined material. Even demanding projects concerning complex shapes are not a problem, even though other technologies considered them as unfeasible. Production possibilities are also for closed cavities with inner sharp edges, precise deep ribs and extremely thin shape grooves.

Flush-free technology allows precise machining using one electrode. Linear drivers allow immediate response to direction change and above-standard operational reliability of regular adjustment.


Our specialization is design, development and production of injection molds and tools, while we have quality technological equipment at disposal. The toolroom is an irreplaceable step toward the proper injection of plastic components. Together with the injection molding technology, they represent the ideal combination of product manufacturing in term of flexibility and complexity. We actively follow trends in the tooling field in order to constantly deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

Long-standing experience in tools production put us among reliable suppliers, who understand the complexity of production. We guarantee the highest quality possible of our products and services.
Thanks to the modern machinery equipment, we offer machining at modern machining centers and EDM technology (Electrical discharge machining).


Plastic injection molding is the most widely used method of plastic parts production. This highly effective manufacturing process of large number of equal parts is developing quickly and it brings remarkable outcomes.

Our products combine results of creative thinking, inventive customer tailored design and innovative solutions. The toolroom for production of injection molds significantly contributes to efficiency of production in general. Technological equipment consists of 6 modern injection molding presses from ARBURG, JSW and ENGEL.

Creative development begins with understanding of the customer needs and “tailor-made” services. Each project is analyzed and planned with focus on every detail, tailored to the customer´s requirements. Development is extremely important during a stage when the customer does not have a clear idea, or his main aim is to improve the original design. He can be also facing problems in production caused by some component specifications.


Vacuum forming or thermoforming is one of plastic processing technologies. At the same time, it is the oldest and most used method. The material is shaped on the form using vacuum. This means that the basic material after heating replicates the shape of the form (which has a form of the final product), using physical and mechanical properties of thermoplastic substances, which change their shape and return to solid condition when cooled. The advantages are lower costs for mold production, fast production preparation, spatial product shape, high detail, possibility of blister production and suitability for serial production. Vacuum forming is used to produce a wide range of products.


Unique solutions, development and production for demanding electrotechnical products

CDL provides the entire development and production of electrical equipment, from the first idea, scheme and initial project development, including analysis of customer requirements, preparation of concept, design of complete solution, through construction and development after the customer approval, production of printed circuit boards (PCB), creation of the first device prototype, through testing up to the serial production itself. 

On another hand, it offers improvement and increase in efficiency of an existing solution – by problems identification, by individual manner of solving and eliminating the problem, by process optimization, with minimizing risks and costs.



Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. The equipment is developed and manufactured in accordance with the customer’s requirements and ideas. Using modern technology and quality materials, underlined by years of experience, CDL has the right solution for every customer. This is evidenced by many years of satisfied customers who regularly turn to the company, whether for the development of an existing product or the improvement of a new generation of products, based on satisfaction and the quality of the service rendered.

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